Communication Arts Program Overview

Choose from three concentrations: Journalism, Multimedia, Digital Broadcasting Production

Share Information, Shape the Future

We live in the age of digital media. Social media, video services, podcasts, 24-hour news channels, and a myriad of instant update services both online and on your phone now form the world of information sharing.

But unless we can trust the people who choose which information is sent our way, we cannot be sure we are getting the information we really need. That’s where you come in; that’s why Communication Arts Degree programs are in such high demand.

As a Communication Arts major at Franciscan University, you will learn how to be part of the global information and entertainment industry. You’ll learn about the mass and social media in both theory and practice.

Focus Your Communication Arts Studies

The Communication Arts Bachelor’s Degree Program has three concentrations that allow you to focus your studies. Concentrations include journalism, digital broadcasting and production, and multimedia.

Students in each concentration can expect to take a variety of specialized courses. Journalism students will take courses in publication design and management as well as news reporting and editing. Those in the multimedia program will take several digitally focused courses in the areas of interactive media, post production, special effects and more. Our digital broadcasting and production students take courses in both radio and TV script writing as well as video and audio production. Note that no matter the concentration area, each Communication Arts student will be required to prepare a well-reasoned thesis during their senior year.

Throughout your time at Franciscan, you’ll learn about the many ways that our culture produces and processes information and how to effectively convey stories, news, and messages. You’ll learn how the Catholic Church understands the role of the media in the New Evangelization and discover new ways you can use the power of both the written and spoken word to transform the Church and our culture.

Gain Valuable Communication Experience
While enrolled as a student, you’ll be able to write for the Troubadour, our campus newspaper, or get on-air for our campus radio station, 88.3 WFRScc Franciscan Effect Radio. Students also assist in the production of Franciscan University Presents, a monthly television program aired on EWTN; Franciscan University Connections, a radio program that airs internationally; as well as a variety of other television shows produced in our on-campus studio.

However you focus your studies at Franciscan, you will not only receive your Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Arts, but will also be equipped with the knowledge, experience, and skill needed to succeed in the communications field. You will also have a clear understanding of how your work as a communicator can serve the Church and culture.

For more information about the Communication Arts major, contact the Admissions Office or reach out to the faculty.

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Hands-On Opportunities
The Troubadour

Written and edited by students, The Troubadour gives journalism students an opportunity to hone their writing and investigative skills.

Franciscan Presents

An hour-long program produced here on campus during the academic semesters and broadcast monthly the Eternal Word Television Network.

88.3 WFRScc Radio

Our on-campus radio station, also available via Internet streaming, gives students the experience of engineering a live on-air radio program.

Austrian Semester

Grow, develop, and be formed into a more mature student by spending a semester in Franciscan’s Austrian program. You’ll expand your major in unbelievable ways by traveling to places such as Rome and the holy sites of Christendom, and through courses taught at a 14th-century monastery that also serves as your home.

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