Emily Fogarty

Emily Fogarty ’09

Communication Arts

In the world of multimedia, change is the only constant.  That’s why Emily Fogarty  sees the genius in Dr. Eugene Gan’s approach to teaching media technology at Franciscan University.  “He didn’t focus on learning particular software programs so much as learning how to learn a program. He kept us as current as possible and gave us all the resources to keep ourselves up to date after graduation,” recalls Emily.  She earned a BA in Multimedia Communications with minors in Film Studies and Theology. Emily now runs her own wedding photography business (www.Be-Engaged-Imagery.com) in Providence, Rhode Island.  She was a student in graphic design when Franciscan University first launched the multimedia concentration within Communication Arts.  She was excited to see a new program geared to her interests, merging technology and art with graphics.Fogarty describes the Franciscan Multimedia Program as rigorous, with constant projects oriented toward developing a career with the ability to multitask. “One of the program’s greatest strengths is the fact that it’s very broad without losing the details.  I learned enough about each multimedia discipline to further my education later as I needed it.”

She’s pleased to see how the Franciscan program has grown exponentially with more classes added, including a Digital Photography and Fine Art course. “This is so important in today’s world, as digital artists are encouraged to use original source material for their composite pieces.”

In her business, Emily is very transparent about her Catholic faith.  She aims to attract engaged couples who value her sensitivity to liturgy and her role on their wedding day. “I like to work with couples who are genuine, truly in love, and focused on being married rather than spending a ton of money to put on a show,” she says.

One of the unique strengths Emily sees in the Franciscan program is the integration of theology and ethics into media classes.  “It’s almost unheard of in the secular world.  It taught me how to run a business with values.”