Victoria Bonutti

Victoria Bonutti ’13


In her senior year at Oxford University’s Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Victoria Bonutti studied in the city where J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Gerard Manley Hopkins, John Henry Newman and many other great Christian intellects lived, worked, and wrote.“To study at Oxford was one of my dreams. Through this partnership with Franciscan University, I found myself part of that great chain of Christian tradition and devotion,” she marvels.A native of Woodstock, Georgia, Victoria majored in English Literature with a concentration in British and American Literature.“Working as stage manager for Hamlet in my sophomore year convinced me that literature was what I wanted to focus on,” says Victoria.“Literature came alive for me! It was my first opportunity to take my knowledge outside the classroom, assisting the director during rehearsals as an amateur dramaturg.”Victoria was pleased with the breadth of reading at Franciscan and the broad foundation in different areas of literature.She sees the Franciscan faculty as a critical strength in the department, particularly Dr. John Holmes’ expertise in Victorian and Medieval periods, his course on the history of the English language, and his shared passion as an avid Tolkien reader. Department Chair Dr. Stephen Lewis “holds the department to high standards, whether in drama, writing, academia, or other interests within English,” says Victoria.Dr. Lewis incorporates literature and theology within a rigorous academic context where “academic freedom is so important for discussions—for example, being able to bring up spiritual aspects of a novel,” she explains.“At Franciscan, faith and reason are integrated.”

Victoria is currently pursuing her master’s in English language and literature at The Catholic University of America.  While she thrives in the world of academics and hopes to pursue her PhD, Victoria embraces “the ultimate perspective,” with a strong desire to serve others by sharing what she has learned and to live by the words of St. Vincent Ferrer: “Let devotion accompany all your studies and study less to make yourself learned than to become a saint. Never begin or end your study except by prayer.”