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Dr. David Craig

Dr. David Craig

Professor of English

David Craig has published fifteen collections of poetry, including THE SANDALED FOOT (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, ‘80), PETER MAURIN AND OTHER POEMS (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, ‘85), ONLY ONE FACE (White Eagle Coffee Store Press, ‘94), THE ROOF OF HEAVEN (Franciscan University Press, ‘98), MERCYS FACE, NEW & SELECTED POEMS, 1980-2000 (Franciscan University Press,’00), SONNETS FROM MATTHEW, (Franciscan University English Dept. Christian Poetry Series, ‘02), MARYS HOUSE (Idylls Press,’07), WHOSE SAINTS WE ARE (Kaufmann, ‘13), ST. FRANCIS POEMS (Wipf & Stock, ’13), TROUBLE IN THE DIOCESE (Wipf & Stock, ’14), PILGRIM’S GAIT (Wipf & Stock, ’15), LENT ALWAYS TAKES US (Wipf & Stock, ’19), and CONFIDENCE (wipf & Stock, ’20).  He has also published two works of fiction, including THE CHEESE STANDS ALONE (CMJ Press,’97).

His poetry has been widely published (250+) and anthologized–most significantly in David Impastato’s UPHOLDING MYSTERY for Oxford University Press where he shared space with only 12 other poets in the English-speaking world.  Thirty-two of his poems are included there. Those poems are also recorded in the Library of Congress, and his MERCYS FACE was chosen as one of the 500 most important literary works in the history of Christendom by MASTERPLOTS.  WHOSE SAINTS WE ARE was chosen among the five “must reads” for THE CHRISTIAN CENTURY’S Christmas book issue in 2013.

He has co-edited three anthologies of Christian poetry with Dr. Janet McCann of Texas A & M University: ODD ANGLES OF HEAVEN, Harold Shaw Publishers, 1994, PLACE OF PASSAGE, Story Line Press, 2000, and POEMS OF FRANCIS AND CLARE: AN ANTHOLOGY, St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2005.

He holds M.F.A. and Ph. D. degrees from Bowling Green State University and teaches Creative Writing as a Professor at the Franciscan University of Steubenville where he edits both a poetry chapbook series and the Jacopone da Todi Poetry Prize.  He lives in Weirton, WV with his wife Linda and their three children, David Thomas, Jude Francis, and Bridget Jean.

  • Ph.D. English (Creative Writing) – Bowling Green Sate University
  • MFA English (Creative Writing) – Bowling Green State University
  • MA English – Colorado State University
  • BA English – Cleveland State University


  • Contemporary Christian poetry
  • Blue-collar Catholic poetics
  • Creative Writing pedagogy
  • Yeats & Merton


  • Lecturer – Cleveland State University
  • Lecturer – Cuyahoga CC, West and East
  • Teaching Fellow – Bowling Green State University
  • Teaching Intern – Colorado State University


  • Academy of American Poets
  • Mideastern Conference on Christianity and Literature
  • Southwestern Conference of Christianity and Literature


  • 2006 – “Pentecost” included in Jonathan David’s choral work
  • 2006 – MERCY’S FACE included in Master Plot’s list of 500 most significant works in the history of Christendom
  • 1997 Poems recorded for the Library of Congress (UPHOLDING MYSTERY)
  • 1993 – Sewanee Fiction Writer’s Workshop invitation
  • 1991 – Pulitzer nomination poetry
  • 1986 – Devine Fellowship in Poetry, BGSU
Select Publications
  • Getting my Ears, 1979
  • The Sandaled Foot, 1980
  • Psalms, 1982
  • Peter Maurin and Other Poems, 1985
  • Like Taxes: Marching through Gaul, 1989

Full List

  • Only One Face, 1994
  • Odd Angles of Heaven, co-editor, 1994
  • The Cheese Stands Alone, fiction, 1997
  • The Roof of Heaven, 1998
  • Our Lady of the Outfield, fiction, 1999
  • Place of Passage, co-editor, 2000
  • Marcy’s Face, 2000
  • The Lives of the S(aints), fiction 2001
  • Sonnets from Matthew, 2002
  • Francis and Clare in Poetry, co-editor, 2005
  • The Hive of the Saints, 2005
  • Mary’s House, 2007
  • Gathering at the River, 2009
  • St. Francis Poems, 2013
  • Whose Saints We are, 2013
  • Trouble in the Diocese, 2014
  • Pilgrim’s Gate, 2015
  • Mercy Wears a Red Dress, 2016
  • My Barefoot Rank, 2017
  • Jesus Poems, 2018
  • Every Tongue Confess, 2018
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